Work Faster & Easier with the Elementor Navigator

Work Faster & Easier With The Elementor Navigator (Elementor WordPress Basics)

In this tutorial I want to show you how you can use the Elementor navigator.

With the Elementor Navigator you can easily select any site part while designing and it also give you an clear overview of all the sections, columns and widgets.

You can imagine if you have a page or a blog post with a lot of content and a lot of widgets, multiple sections, and columns then sometimes it can be a lot of scrolling involved.

The navigator makes it a lot easier to navigate very easily to the different parts of your website and this can save you a lot of time!

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2 ways to open the Elementor Navigator

First let me show you how to open the navigator and you can do this just by clicking on the right mouse button in the Elementor editor and then select the navigator option in the menu.

Select Elementor Navigator with mouse button

After you have clicked on it you’ll see that the navigator will be displayed in the Elementor editor. You can drag it on the canvas to any place you want to.

There is also another way you to open the navigator and that is by clicking on this icon at the bottom of the menu. If you hover over it you’ll also see navigator being displayed.

If you click on it then the navigator will be opened.

Click Icon to open Elementor Navigator Select Elementor Navigator with mouse button

How to use the Elementor Navigator

You can use the navigator to easily select different parts like sections, columns or widgets on the canvas. The navigator will also give you a clear overview of all the elements being displayed on the canvas.

You can select every column, section or widget just by clicking on it in the navigator.

When you click on an element in the canvas then It will be displayed in blue in the navigator.

Select sections columns and widgets with Navigator in Elementor Click Icon to open Elementor Navigator Select Elementor Navigator with mouse button

If I click on the arrow for the drop down menu for a specific section of column then you can see every single widget that is used. You can also use the widget for the tablet and mobile view as well.

My advice is to use the navigator option if you have the Elementor pagebuilder to design websites. 

In the video tutorial I will explain everything in more detail, and you can watch it on YouTube over here.

If you experience Elementor responsive problems when designing on tablet or mobile views then you can check how to fix this in this tutorial.

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