Use The Elementor Countdown Timer To Boost Conversions!

Boost Conversions With Elementor Countdown Timer Widget in Elementor

In this tutorial, I will explore how to use the Countdown Timer widget in Elementor. I will also discuss the benefits of using countdown timers for online marketing campaigns.

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Table of Contents

Add Elementor Countdown Timer widget to page or post

First, I will show you how to add the Countdown timer widget to your design in Elementor and after that I will give some information about the benefits.

Over here I have a random post selected with the Elementor editor. Now go to the icon with the dots in the top left corner and click on it to display an overview of all the widgets that are available.

You can enter countdown in the search bar and drag the widget to the canvas to a position you prefer.

1 Select Elementor Countdown widget

Elementor Countdown timer settings

If you have a white background (like I do), the Countdown timer won’t be visible yet. To change that you need to select the Countdown widget and go to the Style settings. Now select the Background color option and select another color.

2 Set Background color for WordPress Countdown timer

You can also change the color of the content in the Content settings in the Style tab.

I won’t go to much in detail about all the styling settings, you can just play around with it and customize the colors and size as you want It to be very easily.

You can set up the Due Date very easily by selecting it in the Content tab.
Over here you can also manage the view settings for the countdown timer, by default it’s set to Block but you can also change this to inline if you prefer that.

3 WordPress Countdown Timer settings

Below the View option you can select what you want to display or hide in the Countdown widget. For example, if you want to hide the seconds you can hide it by using the slider. You can manage this for the Days, Hours, Minutes and Seconds.

Below that you have the Show Label option. By default, it’s set to show so that, but you can hide the text below the digits if you prefer.

4 Elementor Countdown widget settings

You can also manage the Actions after expire in the Content tab. If you click on the + icon you can see the options that are available. You can select Redirect to redirect to anther URL.

The second option is Hide and if you select that the countdown timer will be hidden after the expiration date. The last option is Show message and if you select that you can display a text message after the countdown timer has expired.

5 WordPress Countdown timer actions after expire

The Benefits of Countdown Timers in Online Marketing

Countdown timers serve as visual indicators that display the remaining time until a specific event, offer, or deadline expires. They have proven to be effective in driving conversions, increasing engagement, and creating a sense of urgency.

Countdown timers create a sense of urgency by showcasing the limited time available for a particular offer or promotion. This urgency motivates visitors to take immediate action, such as making a purchase, signing up for a webinar, or subscribing to a newsletter.

By leveraging the Countdown Timer widget, you can strategically place these timers on your website to instill a fear of missing out (FOMO) and encourage swift decision-making.

Countdown timers are powerful conversion optimization tools. By displaying a ticking clock, you create a psychological trigger that prompts visitors to act quickly. The fear of missing out on a time-limited opportunity often leads to increased conversions and sales. With the Countdown Timer widget in Elementor, you can customize the design, size, and placement of the timer to align with your website’s branding and goals, ultimately maximizing your conversion rates.


Countdown timers are a powerful tool in online marketing, and the Countdown Timer widget in Elementor makes it easy to incorporate them into your WordPress website.

By creating a sense of urgency, boosting conversion rates, enhancing user engagement, fostering trust, and providing valuable campaign insights, countdown timers can significantly impact the success of your marketing efforts. Implement the Countdown Timer widget strategically and enjoy the benefits of increased conversions, improved engagement, and a more compelling user experience.

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