SiteGround SG Optimizer Speed Test for WordPress Website Tutorial

SIteGround SG Optimizer Speed Test for WordPress website Tutorial

In this tutorial I want to show you how you can use the SiteGround SG optimizer Speed Test to analyze your website.

The SG optimizer plugin comes for free when you install WordPress over at SiteGround web hosting. So to make sure, this plugin is only for SiteGround users.

Table of Contents

Go to SG optimizer Speed Test

When you are logged into your WordPress dashboard you need to go to the SG Optimizer option in the menu and there you can select Speed Test.

Select Speed Test in SG Optimizer menu

Analyze Speed Test

Over here you can see that the device type is set to desktop and the main URL of the website already has been filled in.

To see the performance of the website you need to click on Analyze.

Analyze SG optimizer Speed Test

Now wait for a couple of seconds to see the speed test score.
It’s 96 and that would be the same score that you will see if you use the Google speed test.

I have made a separate tutorial on how to use that tool as well.

The Google Score is 96, the page load time is 0.7 seconds and the time to first byte is 195 ms.

SiteGround SG optimizer Speed Test results desktop

It is possible to reach the maximum score, but then you would have to rely on the premium paid plug-in in combination with the SG optimizer.

Tip: Click on this link to learn how to get a high Speed Test score only with the free SG Optimizer plugin. I’ll show you all the settings and give you tips for the best score!

Analyze Mobile Speed Test

If you want to see the score for the mobile device type, then you could just select Mobile and then click on Analyze again.

Select mobile website speed test

My advice is just use the SG Optimizer Speed Test for a quick scan, but if you really want some more details and suggestions on how to optimize your website then you should use the free Google speed test tool.

This will provide helpful information that are relevant to the scores.

In the video tutorial on YouTube, I will explain everything in more detail.

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