SiteGround Migrate WordPress Website (Migration Token)

SiteGround Migrate WordPress Website (How To Get Migration Token)

In this SiteGround migrate WordPress website tutorial I will explain how to use the WordPress migrator in your Site Tools panel.

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How to generate WordPress website with migration token in SiteGround

The first thing you need to do is go to the Site Tools panel for the website that you want to migrate your WordPress website for. In the menu on the left, you have the WordPress options and over here then you have to click on Migrator.

Over here and the only thing you have to do is select a domain and generate an immigration token.

Go To Site Tools panel and select Migrator option

Download the SiteGround Migrator plugin

The migration token will be displayed and what’s important to know is that you have to download the SiteGround Migrator plugin and there’s also a link for it.

You can also download the plugin in the WordPress dashboard over at the plugins options.

Download SiteGround Migrator Plugin for WordPress Go To Site Tools panel and select Migrator option

After the plugin is activated you can enter the token in the plugin and just follow the instructions to proceed.

In the video tutorial I will explain everything in more detail and you can watch it on YouTube over here.

I hope this SiteGround migrate website tutorial was helpful.

You can also export your complete website as a file and import it to another domain with the All-in-one WP Migration plugin.

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