SiteGround How To Pay With PayPal Tutorial

SiteGround How to Pay with Paypal tutorial

PayPal is a popular payment method and by default you cannot select this option when purchasing hosting or a domain from SiteGround. However, it is possible to pay with PayPal for SiteGround services if you prefer that.

In this tutorial I’ll show you how to switch your payment method to PayPal if you’re already a SiteGround user.
I will also show you how to buy hosting and a domain if you don’t have a SiteGround account yet.

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Can I pay with PayPal? Explanation SiteGround official website

A question that a lot of people have is ‘’can you pay with PayPal at side ground?’’
The answer to that question is yes as I mentioned in the introduction.

Over here. You can see an explanation on the official SiteGround website:

It is mentioned that you can contact the sales department via the live chat button if you want to purchase webhosting or a domain.

Another thing mentioned is that if you are already a second client, you need to log into your client area and contact the billing support team.

SiteGround how to pay with paypal

Contact SiteGround Live Sales chat support

So, if you want to purchase a hosting plan then you can go to the get in touch option and click on the Sales chat button.

SiteGround Sales Chat support

After you have clicked on the button you can fill in your name and e-mail.
Then you can ask if you can pay with PayPal, and they will handle it.

Contact SiteGround Billing support team

If you already have an account and want to switch from another payment method to PayPal, you need to go to the client area.

There you can contact the billing support team and they can help you to switch over to PayPal.

In this tutorial I’ll show you two ways to get in contact with the SiteGround live chat support.

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