SiteGround Email Login Tutorial

SiteGround Email Login Tutorial

In this tutorial I will explain how you can login to your SiteGround Email account for your websites.

You can easily log in to the webmail environment via the SiteGround dashboard. There you can view and send emails.

In an earlier video I already showed you how to quickly create an email account for your domain so make sure to check it out if you don’t know how to do that.

I have also made tutorials in which I explain how you can set up your webmail account in Outlook and for the Iphone mail app.

Table of Contents

Login to SiteGround Site Tools Panel and select Email option

First you need to login to your SiteGround account and go to the Site Tools panel for a website. In the Site Tools panel You can see a couple of different options and you need to select e-mail.

I have also made a tutorial were I explain how to create a email for your website in SiteGround.

Go to Email options in Site Tools Panel

Select SiteGround Email login icon

Over you can see the different e-mail accounts that have been set up for this website and if you want to log in into an e-mail you need to click on three dots.

Then you will see the options pop up and you have to click on Log into Webmail.

Go to Email options in Site Tools Panel https://websitelearninglab.comGo to Email options in Site Tools Panel

A new window will pop up and over here you can see that this is the dashboard where you can manage all your emails. You can do all the regular things you can do with an e-mail program.

So that’s it for this tutorial!

In the video tutorial I will explain everything in more detail, and you can watch it on YouTube over here.

You can also set up the SiteGround email account on your Iphone.

You can also add the SiteGround email account in Outlook.

You can check out the SiteGround hosting reviews for all different plans over here:

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