One of the Best Affiliate Marketing Networks You Should Try (Many High Quality International Offers to Promote)

One of the best affiliate marketing networks you should try (Many high quality international offers to promote) Affiliate marketing

If you start out with affiliate marketing you might ask yourself what the best affiliate marketing program is for beginners.

In this tutorial I will do a review about the Daisycon affiliate network which has a lot of international high quality affiliate campaigns you can choose from.

It’s one of my favorite affiliate networks and I can highly recommend it to everyone who is starting out with affiliate marketing.

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Reasons why Daisycon is highly recommended as an affiliate network

When you search for information online about affiliate networks you see a lot of people talking about Amazon or Clickbank, but in my opinion Daisycon is one of the best choices for beginners.

The main reasons is that all of the affiliate campaigns you can choose from are really high quality and trustworthy companies and also the customer service is really outstanding.

Besides that the most people start off with promoting Clickbank or Amazon because that is what everybody is talking about online, so to really stand out you have to do something else compared to the masses.

1 - Daisycon info


Daisycon dashboard for publishers

Daisycon is an excellent choice for this and now I will show you some features in the dashboard and also an overview of campaigns which you can choose from.

The interface for publishers looks clean and is also very easy to use for beginners, everything is really self-explanatory as you can see.

From my own experience I can also say that Daisycon offers a very good customer service and they are very helpful.

They respond very fast if you have any questions if you create a ticket, in most cases they respond within a day or so that’s great!

Over here you can also see the current Financial balance and as you can see you can really earn some nice commissions.

2 - Daisycon Dashboard

If you click on News you can view the latest news and you can also filter this for a specific country or international. This can be useful to find new offers and promote offers with a special discount.

3 - Daisycon news


How to add your website to Daisycon

If you want to add your website to Daisycon you just have to click on Settings and then select Media.

Over here you can add your websites by clicking on Add new media.

4 - Add new media in Daisycon

After the page has loaded you can add information about your website and this is al self-explanatory.

First you have to enter a media name and this can be the name of your website for example.

In the field Type you need to select the option that fits the most.

The next thing to do is add the URL and also a Description for the media that you want to add.

After that’s done you need to add a Category and select your Country and the Language and that’s it.

In the last field you can select the option that Advertisers can approach you to whenever they think your media fits well with the products or services that they have to offer.

I always leave this at the default settings.

After your media has been approved you can sign up for different campaigns which you can promote.

5 - Add new media in Daisycon 2


Campaign overview

First you have to click on Campaigns in the left menu.

Over here you can view all the campaigns that are available for you to promote as a publisher. You can filter the offers by country of select the International option for all the international campaigns.

6 - Campaign overview Daisycon

As you can see there are a lot of international campaigns to choose from and if you click on a campaign, for example this one, you can view a description and also a link to the website of the company you can promote.

7 - Campaign example Ashley Madison

Over at the Commissions tab you can view more information about how much you can earn for a specific campaign.

And if you click on the button Subscribe to this campaign then you website will be reviewed and approved, and in most cases this takes about 1 or 2 days for your website to be approved for a campaign. Once that’s done you will be able to generate your affiliate links or banners to promote this campaign.

In the video below I will show you a few other examples of campaigns that are currently available.

For example I can filter on the countries United States and United Kingdom.

As you can see more then 100 campaigns are available at this point so you really have a lot of offers to choose from.

As you can see there are a lot of well known companies to choose from such as Disney+ which is a streaming service. If you click on it you can view more information and if you go to the Comissions tab you can see that for every monthly subscription a commission of 6.24 euro will be paid and for every annual subscription you will receive 12.48 euro.

9 - Disney+ Campaign

Another nice company you can promote through Daisycon is McAffee for example which is the worlds largest security company. If you click on the Commission tab you can see that the minimum commission is 7.40 euro and the maximum is 16.00 euro.

10 - McAfee Campaign example

Another well known company is Boldking and they offer unique razors for male grooming.

 If you go to the Commission tab you can see the additional information over there. The commission are in a range of 3.00 euro up to 8.00 euro depending on how you promote this offer.  

11 - Boldking Campaign example

So let me show you one more and therefore I scroll all the way down to DealeXtreme, if you click on the URL you can see that this company offers all kind of different products.

On the Commission tab you can see that the standard commission is 3.85% and if you have more then 5 sales in a month the commission will be raised to 5%.

12 DealeXtreme campaing example


Statistics and payments overview

Another thing I want to mention is that if you go to Statistics you have a couple of nice options to see how your media or medias if you have several, are performing.

And if you want to to see an overview of all the payments you have to go to Financial and select Payments.

13 - Daisycon statistics and Payments overview


How to sign up as a publisher

If you want to sign up with Daisycon as a publisher you can click on this link and after that go to the options for publisher and click on the blue Register button.

14 - Daisycon sign up as publisher

After the page has loaded you will see some more relevant information for publishers and to sign you have to click on the Register button again.

15 - Daisycon register as Publisher

Then a page will load where you can enter your name, E-mail adres and also a password to create your publisher account.

16 - Daisycon register as publisher details

So I hope this quick tutorial has given you some inspiration and a clear view about the possibilities with the Daisycon affiliate network.

If you are looking for high quality affiliate offers to promote this is definitely a network that you have to sign up for.

You can watch the video tutorial on YouTube over here.

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In the near future I will also make more tutorials about other affiliate networks that I have good experience with so stay tuned.