Make Money with Affiliate Marketing & Google Adsense

How to make money online - Affiliate Marketing and Google Adsense example - websitelearninglab tutorial for beginners

I want to show you an example of a fairly simple and basic website that makes a fortune with affiliate marketing and also with advertising revenue from Google Adsense.

So if you want to know how to make money with your website make sure to check out this tutorial!

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Example of basic website that makes a lot of money

In Google I searched for Luxury Watch Brands and on the fist page with search results I came across a perfect example of a basic website that is very succesful with earning money online.

I would like to share this example with you for inspiration and so that you can get a good understanding on how you can make money with your own website.

You can immediately see that the website is quite basic on the image below.

SEO factors to rank in Google with affiliate marketing website

With Elementor you can make a much more stylish looking website and that is something I always pay attention to because it’s an advantage if I can create a website which offers a better user experience.

The website is also quite broad in terms of subjects and therefore not specifically about luxury watches as you can see on the image below.

This is an advantage because you increase the chances of scoring with your website if it is specifically about that topic.

In this way, it can be possible to get high positions in the search results and to rank higher than more general websites that currently rank on high positions.

Of course, there are also other things to look out for, such as the search volume for relevant keywords and competition score. 

How to do good keyword research without much hassle I will also show you in detail in another tutorial.

You can see that this website already scores very well in the search results with simple blog articles that only has a few lines of text and images.

And you also see that they have very cleverly made a list of no less than 30 expensive watch brands.

About 5 lines of text have been added per brand, with an affiliate link below that in this case refers to Amazon.

The page you land on after clicking on the affiliate link is simply a search results page filtered by the keyword Audemars Pigquet watches for this example.

When I go back to the website and click on the second button, you see the search results are filtered by this brand.

And that’s how they’ve done it for 30 brands in total on one page, and for good reason. They want to have as many clicks as possible on their buttons with affiliate links to increase the chance of earning commissions.

Because if you have made a beautiful website, then of course you want to earn something with it!

This can mainly be done in two ways, as the site in this example also does:

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Income from advertising (Google Adsense)

I will briefly explain how both ways work:

Affiliate marketing

Through affiliate marketing it is possible to earn commissions by promoting products or services for other companies.

You can promote products from Amazon for example and they have their own affiliate program where you can sign up for free.

There are also many other companies that have an affiliate program and the information can usually be found on the website in the affiliate or partner program section.

In addition, there are also many international affiliate networks with many different offers you can promote.

In a separate video I will explain this in full detail, but it simply comes down to promoting products or services for another company in return for a commission.

You can do this with a unique affiliate link that you can get after you have signed up for an affiliate program.

If you place this link on the site and a visitor clicks on it, they will be send over to the website where they can purchase the product or service you are promoting.

For every actual purchase you will earn a commission!

The amount of the commission varies per provider and sector.

Affiliate marketing benefits

Registering with affiliate networks is completely free and therefore very accessible to just give it a try if you know how to build a website!

And that’s exactly what you will learn in this course.

A big advantage is that a affiliate link in general has a long measurement duration of 15 – 30 days on average but for Amazon this is 24 hours.

It could be that a visitor clicks on an affiliate link but does not immediately make a purchase and decides to do this later.

If the visitor makes a purchase within the period of the measurement period, this transaction will be registered and you will also receive the commission.

On the image below is a breakdown of Amazon’s commission rates and watches fall into the 4% category I believe. You see that the commissions vary from 1% to 10% based on the product category.

Even if a lead buys something from the same product category you will also earn a commission for that.
So it doesn’t necessarily have to be the brand or the specific product of the link that is clicked on.

For example for a specific website about luxury watches, it would also be smart to make a separate post for each individual brand that is mentioned in this general post.

This way you can fully optimize that post for keywords that are relevant to a certain brand, which increases your chances of getting high positions in the search engines.

If there is a lot of search volume for certain types of watches, you could even go a step further and make separate posts about specific types of watches from a specific brand.

Of course you can then place your affiliate links on your website to earn nice commissions.

I want to show you how much organic search traffic this page has on average on a monthly base.

You can use any premium keyword tool for this and I always use SEMRush.

All you have to do is go to Domain Overview and paste the link of the page of a website there. Then click on Search.

As you can see this simple page has a lot of visitors on average each month all through Organic Search Traffic.

Unbelievable because this page is a few years old and is generating a lot of traffic month after month.
At the beginning of 2020 the organic search traffic was even more than 100K.

Even if only a very small percentage of visitors would click on the links, that would already generate a huge amount of affiliate income.

Of course most products and services that you can promote are not so expenive as luxury watch. So to earn a couple of hundreds of dollars per commission is quite exceptional.

But there are a lot of products and services out there that you can promote and earn nice commission with.

Even if you promote products in a lower price range you can still make good money if your website generates a lot of traffic.

I always try to look for products that have a relatively high order value and that are likely to be often bought online.

You can create a affiliate marketing website very easy by using the AI chatbot ChatGPT.


Another way this website earns serious money is through advertising revenue.

You can see that different banners are displayed and every time a visitor clicks on an add the website owner will earn a few cents.

This concerns smaller amounts ranging from an average of 0.01 – 0.25 cents per click.

To be clear, a visitor does not have to make a purchase, but only a click is enough to earn a few cents.

That is why Google Adsense is especially interesting for websites that attract a lot of visitors every month because a lot of volume is needed to earn a nice income with it.

You can easily place the ads on your site and I will also make a seperate tutorial about that.

But it’s only a matter of putting a code on your site after you’ve signed up and approved with Google Adsense.

After the code is added to your site, the ads will be displayed automatically.

There a no costs involved to sign up to Google Adsense and you can create an account for free. 

You often see that bloggers in particular do a combination of affiliate marketing and Google Adsense advertisements so that the website earns money in two ways and that is also what this website has done in this example.

You really don’t have to be the smartest kid in the class to understand that you can make serious money with a relatively simple website once it starts to generate some serious amounts of traffic.

And once it really starts growing there is no limit on how big it can become and the amounts of money you can earn.

Now don’t expect to make thousands of dollars after a few days because it takes time and also efforts because you have to add new content to your website on a regular basis if you really want to do this the right way.

So you have to look at the longer term and I hope to inspire you and show you that it’s really possible to make money with your own website.

You can watch the video tutorial on YouTube over here.

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Everything is expained in a way so that even a complete beginner can create an affiliate website like this by following the steps I’m showing to you.

If you want to to SEA (search engine advertising) on Google you will need an Google account that you can create for free.

If you have a Google account you will have access to Google Ads.

In Google ads you can manage your advertising campaigns and the Google Keyword Planner is included for free. You can use the Google Keyword Planner to analyse keywords very easily. Check out this tutorial to learn how to make a perfect keyword list to analyse.

If you want to do more in depth keyword and competitors research you can use a premium tool like SEMrush.