Install WordPress With SiteGround Tutorial For Beginners

Install WordPress With SiteGround Tutorial For Beginners

Install WordPress with SiteGround in just a few simple clicks!

In this SiteGround tutorial for beginners I will show you exactly how to do this. WordPress is the most popular CMS (content management system) to create websites.

If you have SiteGround hosting you can easily install WordPress in a couple of seconds.

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Table of Contents

Navigate to Site Tools panel for domain you want to install WordPress for

First select the domain that you want to install WordPress for in your SiteGround account.

Navigate to the Site Tools panel and go the WordPress option in the menu on the left. Here you need to click on the install and manage option.

Site Tools Panel WordPress Install & Manage

Select regular WordPress website or WooCommerce webshop

Over at manage installations you can see there’s nothing there yet. You can see two different options to install WordPress.

The first option is for a regular WordPress website or blog. But if you want to create a webshop with WooCommerce than you can choose the second option.

In this case I’ll select the first option, but the following steps are the same for both options.
So, click on the select button to proceed.

Select SiteGround Install New WordPress regular

Install WordPress with SiteGround settings

Here you can scroll down and change the language if you prefer that. By default, it’s set to English. Now enter a username and after that you can enter a password. Also add an e-mail address. You can select the WordPress starter plugin, but I’ll usually don’t do that.

Then click on install and then you will see WordPress will be loaded.

Install WordPress with SiteGround settings

Log in WordPress dashboard

To log in into the WordPress dashboard you can click on this icon.
If you hover over it, you can see log in to admin panel being displayed.

Log in to WordPress dashboard icon

Now a new window will open and then you will be logged in to the WordPress dashboard for your domain. So that’s how you can install WordPress with SiteGround.

Check out this tutorial to learn how to login to WordPress with SiteGround.
In this tutorial I will explain the WordPress general settings after new install.

It’s important to install a free SSL certificate for your website for a secure connection. In this tutorial I will show you how to set up SSL with SiteGround in a few clicks.

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