How To Remove Domain In SiteGround Tutorial

How To Remove Domain From SiteGround Tutorial

In this tutorial I want to explain how you can remove a domain in SiteGround I show you how to remove a domain from the SiteGround dashboard. Everything is explained step by step.

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Table of Contents

Go to All Site options in SiteGround dashboard

The first you need to log in to your SiteGround account and go to the websites option in the menu.

Select Websites in menu SiteGround dashboard

Here you can see an overview of all the websites registered for your SiteGround account. Now go to the account that you want to delete and click on the All site options.

All site options SiteGround

Delete domain

Here you need to click on the three dots to display the Delete option. If you click on is the domain will be deleted.

Remove Domain in SiteGround tutorial

Check renewal settings after removing domain in SiteGround

Also make sure to cancel the renewal settings so make sure it’s not automatically renewed after the billing period has ended.

Make sure to check it out if you want to know if you have set up everything correctly regarding the auto renewals.

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