How To Remove Background Noise in Audacity (100% Free Tool) Fast & Easy!

How To Remove Background Noise in Audacity (100% Free tool) Fast & Easy!

In this tutorial I’ll show you how to remove background noise in Audacity fast and easy! 100% FREE tool for Windows and Mac.

Audio recordings often come with unwanted background noise, which can diminish the overall quality of your content. In this tutorial, we’ll explore simple steps to remove noise from an audio file, suitable for beginners using readily available tools.

Table of Contents

Download Audacity (free tool)

Start by selecting an audio editing software. For beginners, Audacity is an excellent and free option.

Audacity is a free, open-source, cross-platform audio software that is widely used for recording and editing audio.

Download and install Audacity completely for free from its official website (

Download Audacity

Import Audio File to Audacity

Open Audacity and import your audio file by clicking on “File” and then “Import.” Select “Audio” and locate the audio file on your computer. Another way it to drag to audio file into Audacity.

Identify the Noise Profile

To effectively remove noise, Audacity needs to identify the characteristics of the unwanted sound. Choose a small section of your audio file where only the background noise is present.

You can increase the volume to better hear the background noise and it’s often at very beginning or the end of a song.

Over here is a part with only background noise to you can select it.

Select part with only background noise

Now go to “Effect” in the menu and then go to “Noise Reduction”.

Go to noise reduction settings

Now click on “Get Noise Profile”.

Get noise profile

Apply Noise Reduction

After obtaining the noise profile, highlight the entire audio track by pressing “Ctrl+A” (or “Command+A” on Mac).

select full track

Once selected, go back again to “Effect” > “Noise Reduction”, then click “OK” to apply the noise reduction.

Go to Noise reduction settings and click on OK

If you now play the track in Audicity you will hear that the noise has been significantly reduced.

If you still hear some background noise you can repeat the same steps again,

If needed, you can undo the changes (Ctrl+Z or Command+Z) and try different settings under “Effect” > “Noise Reduction” until you achieve the desired result.

Export the Cleaned Audio

Once satisfied with the noise removal, save your cleaned audio file. Click on “File” > “Export” and choose your preferred format and location.

Tips for Better Noise Removal

Select a Representative Noise Sample: Ensure the portion of the audio you choose for the noise profile is representative of the background noise throughout the recording.

Use Audacity’s Preview Feature: Audacity allows you to preview the noise reduction effect before applying it, helping you make informed adjustments.

Experiment with Different Settings: Don’t hesitate to try different noise reduction settings to find the optimal balance between removing noise and preserving the audio quality.


Removing noise from an audio file is a valuable skill for content creators. With Audacity’s user-friendly interface and powerful noise reduction capabilities, even beginners can enhance the quality of their audio recordings.

Experiment with the steps outlined in this tutorial and enjoy cleaner, more professional-sounding audio content.

You can watch the video tutorial on YouTube via this link.

Good luck with improving your audio files!