How To Record Screen With Audio On a Mac Tutorial (EASY!)

How To Record Screen With Audio On a Mac

Welcome to a handy tutorial to record your screen with audio on a Mac. I record my own videos like this and I’m here to walk you through the simple steps to get started.

Table of Contents

Access the Screen Recording Tool on a MacBook

To initiate the screen recording process, press the keys Shift + Command + 5 simultaneously. When you do this, an options menu will appear on your screen, accompanied by dotted lines.

Record Screen with audio on a mac

Select the Recording Area

Use these dotted lines to select the specific area of your screen that you wish to record. This feature is especially useful if you want to focus on a particular section of your screen.

Configure Recording Settings

Within the options menu, you’ll find several configuration choices:

  • Save to: By default, your recordings are saved to the desktop. You can change this location if you prefer to store them elsewhere.
  • Timer: Decide whether you want a timer before your recording begins. Options include none, 5 seconds, or 10 seconds.
  • Microphone: Here, you can choose your audio input source. If you’re using your MacBook’s built-in microphone or an external one connected via USB, make your selection accordingly.

Feel free to leave the other settings at their default values, which are usually configured quite conveniently. However, you can opt to enable or disable options like displaying mouse clicks, remembering the last selection, or showing a floating thumbnail.

Record Screen on mac settings

Commence the Recording

Once you’ve configured your settings, the next step is to click the “Record” button in the options menu. Your screen recording will commence immediately or after the specified timer delay, depending on your chosen settings.

Start Recording

Stop the Recording

To conclude your recording, head to the top of your screen, where you’ll see an icon that looks like a square with a circle inside. Click this icon to stop the recording process.

Access Your Recorded File

The recorded video will automatically be saved to your desktop. It’s as simple as that! You can then use video editing software like iMovie to edit your recording or any other preferred editing tool.

The quality of the video captured by your MacBook is sharp and reliable, making it a fantastic choice for content creators.

Access Recorded File

In Summary:

  • Press Shift, Command, and 5 keys simultaneously to access the screen recording tool.
  • Use the dotted lines to select the portion of your screen to record.
  • Configure recording settings, including save location, timer, and microphone source.
  • Click “Record” to start recording.
  • Click the square icon at the top of your screen to stop recording.
  • Your recorded file will be stored on your desktop for easy access and further editing.
  • This method is incredibly user-friendly, and the high-quality output is a testament to the power of MacBook for screen recording.

You can check out the tutorial on YouTube over here: How To Record Screen With Audio On a Mac Tutorial (EASY!)

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