How to Import and Export Elementor Template

How to import & export templates with Elementor plugin (websitelearninglab) tutorial for beginners

In this Elementor template tutorial I will explain step by step how create templates and import and export them.

You can create professional looking designs very fast and easily by using Elementor templates.
It’s possible to save complete pages or posts as a template, but it’s also optional to create a template for a specific part of your website.

In this tutorial I will show you step-by-step how to use Elementor templates!

Table of Contents

How to create Elementor template

As I mentioned in the previous tutorials you can make a template for a complete page by clicking on the arrow next to the green button and then select the Save as template option.

Then you have to enter a name for the template and save it.

After the template is saved you can click on the folder icon and you will find the template in the my templates section.


How to export Elementor template to an external file

So let’s say you want to use this section for another website then you can export it as an external file. To do this you need to go over to the template and select the Export option.

The template will be downloaded to your computer and now I want to show you how to import this file to another website.


Import Elementor template to another website

All you need to do is open the Elementor editor for the site-part you want to design on another domain, for example for a post or a page and then click on the folder icon.

Now click on the import icon.
As you can see you can now drag the file as you have downloaded it onto the page. So you don’t have to extract the file.

Now you will see the template has been added to the overview in the My Templates tab.

If you want to add it to the Elementor canvas you just have to click on Insert and that’s it!

Now the template has been added and you can customize the sections, columns and widgets if you want to do that.

That’s all folks for this tutorial!

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