How to Download & Add Custom Fonts to Canva Tutorial

How to Download & Add Custom Fonts To Canva (In 1 Minute)

In this Canva custom fonts tutorial I’ll explain how to download and import fonts to Canva.

If you have watched my other tutorials then you know that I use Canva for my designs. You can create logo’s or a site icon and banners for YouTube channels or Facebook pages.

Of course it’s also good that if you use the same fonts on your website, logo, Facebook and YouTube banner etc. Therefore it’s good to know how to use Canva custom fonts and that’s what I will explain in this tutorial.

You can find a link to the YouTube video tutorial below this post.

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Why you should add custom fonts to Canva?

Unfortunately, not all the fonts are available in the different tools you use. For example if you design websites with Elementor and you have found a nice font then it might not be available by default in Canva.

Therefore, it is also very helpful to know how you can upload a custom font to your Canva account.

You need to have a Canva pro license because with the free version it’s not possible to do this. But if you have a paid subscription for Canva then you will have this option.

How to download a custom font

You can search for fonts in Google or you can go to websites like or 

Here you can download fonts for free.

After you have downloaded a font then you can extract the files from the zip folder. After that you can upload them to Elementor or Canva for example.

Upload a custom font in Canva

Now you need to go over to your Canva account and click on this link over here called Brand Kit.

Add custom font to canva

If you have custom fonts uploaded, you can see them over here. To add a font just go over to Text styles and now you can click on the Upload a font button.

2 Upload custom font to Canva

After you have done that you can go to the folder that you have created to select the font you want to upload and click on Open and that’s basically it!

Select a custom font in Canva

Now you can use the uploaded fonts in your Canva designs.

To do that you just need to create a new design or go to a design that you already have created. If you now select a heading or text widget then you will be able to choose the uploaded font.

3 Select Custom font in Canva

This way you can have the same font in all your designs!

You can check out the video tutorial on YouTube.

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