How To Create Email List With Elementor Submissions

How To Create Email List With Elementor (Elementor Submissions)

In this video I want to show you how you can collect e-mail addresses with the element or form widget, and it’s very easy to do. You can set it up in just a few seconds. And in this tutorial, I’ll show you exactly how it’s done.

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Add Form widget to Elementor Canvas

To give you an example, I will add a form widget below on the homepage of my website.
First click on the plus icon to add a new section. For this example, I’ll set it to two columns.

Add new section in Elementor Canvas

For this example, I’ll set it to two columns. Now you can see that the section with two columns has been added to the page.

Two columns added to canvas

Then go to the widgets overview by clicking on the icon over here in the corner.

Go to widgets overview in Elementor

Search for the ‘form’ widget by using the search bar. Drag the widget into one of the columns.

Drag form widget into column

Now you can see that the form widget has been edited to the column and now if you want to you can adjust this.

In another video I will go more in depth about all the options.

Form added to canvas

Elementor Form widget settings to create Email list

The next thing you have to do to collect all the details that visitors will enter in these fields, is go to actions after submit and make sure it’s set up properly

Actions after submit to collect Emails

If you go to the collect submissions option, you can see that submissions will be saved to Elementor > Submissions.

Only thing you must do now is save this so save the page.

Elementor collect submissions settings

Test Elementor form widget

Now I will visit the website as a regular visitor in an Incognito browser tab. You can see that the widget has been added to the homepage.

Now fill in the fields and click on Send.

Fill in form fields

A notification will be displayed: Your submission was successful, so that means everything went well.

Submission succesful notification

View Email list in Elementor Submissions overview

Go back to the dashboard of the WordPress website and go the Elementor option in the left menu and click on Submissions. Here you can see that the e-mail address has been added to this overview.

You can click on view if you want to see all the information that has been added to the fields.

View submissions in WordPress dashboard

After clicking on view you can see the name, e-mail and the message that has been added in the text field.

View Elementor submissions details

I hope you found this tutorial helpful. If that’s the case, make sure to smash the thumbs up button, subscribe to the channel and don’t forget to click on the notification bell if you want to stay up to date on new videos that will be uploaded.

If you’re new to Elementor you can check out this tutorial to learn the Elementor basics