Hide Page Title with Elementor Tutorial

Hide PageHide Page Title With Elementor For WordPress Website

In this tutorial I will explain how you can hide the page title with Elementor for WordPress websites.

It’s very easy to do and I will give you an example.

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Go to Elementor settings

I have created a new page and I have named it Example 1. In this tutorial I have explained how to do the settings for pages and posts in WordPress. I have also created other tutorials were i explain how te design pages and posts with Elementor.

You can see that the page has been loaded and over here you can see the page title we have just entered in in the WordPress dashboard.

If you want to remove this title you need to go to the settings by clicking on the icon over here in the corner at the left.

Select Page settings

Here you can see that the page layout is set to default and if you want to remove the title you can select this option hide title by clicking on it.

Select Hide Page Title Select Page settings

Hide page title with Elementor fullwidth layout

Another way to do this is to change the page layout and set it to elementor fullwidth.

The page will reload and after that’s done the page title will be hiddden.

Elementor Full Width Layout Select Hide Page Title Select Page settings

That’s all for this tutorial and you can watch it on YouTube over here.

Check out this tutorial to learn the Elementor basics in 7 minutes.

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Thanks and I hope to see you back in the next tutorial!