Elementor Inner Section Widget Tutorial

Inner Section Widget Explained!

In this quick tutorial I want to show you how you can use the Elementor Inner Section widget for WordPress websites.

So what is the Inner Section widget actually? And why should you use it?

It’s a very helpful widget that comes with the Elementor plugin.

You can use it to display widgets next to each other inside of a column, which is not possible if you use a regular column without the Inner Section widget.

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Table of Contents

When to use the Elementor Inner Section widget

If you don’t use an Inner Section widget, then all the elements that will be added to a column will be displayed below each other vertically. In that case it’s not possible to display the logo’s horizontal.

Below you can see an image where the widgets are displayed horizontally inside of a Inner Section:

Elementor Inner section widget

If a Inner Section is not being used, then the elements will be displayed vertically like this:

No Elementor Inner Section widget Elementor Inner section widget

How to use the Inner Section widget

In the video tutorial on YouTube I go more in detail and show you how to use the Inner Section widget.

In the video tutorial I will explain everything in more detail and you can watch it on YouTube over here.

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