Elementor Flexbox Containers (Full Training For Beginners)

Elementor Flexbox Containers For Beginners (Complete training walkthrough)- websitelearninglab tutorial

Recently the Elementor Flexbox Containers were introduced by de Elementor team.

This new feature is the Flexbox Container and this is a replacement for Sections, Inner Secions and Columns.

This will give developers more flexibility in creating websites and will also improve the loading time of the site.

In this tutorial I will explain what this new features is all about. I will show you an easy way to practice using Elementor flexbox containers yourself in a test environment which is provided by the developers of Elementor.

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Table of Contents

What is the Elementor Flexbox Container?

Elementor recently announced that in the near future the flexbox containers will be available.
This new improvement will make your website load even faster and allows you to work more efficiently with Elementor.

The regular way which we’re all used to, is to design your pages and post by using sections intersections columns and widgets. The container basically replaces the sections, intersections and columns by combining those into one widget which is the flexbox container and this will give you much more flexibility.

Elementor Flexbox Containers

Practice how to use Flexbox Containers

You can visit the Elementor playground (Link to Elementor Flexbox Playground to learn how to use the Flexbox containers in an testing environment.

Link to Elementor Flexbox Playground: https://playground.elementor.com/demo/flexbox/

They have also included a test with a couple of lessons so you can practice different helpful options with the Elementor flexbox containter.

In het video tutorial I will walk you through the lessons and explain all the options.

You can watch the video on YouTube over here.

If Elementor is not working properly when designing mobile devices make sure to check out this tutorial to fix this.

Check out this tutorial to learn the Elementor basics in 7 minutes.

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