Don’t Use this Elementor Widget! It’s Bad for SEO (Do This Instead)

Don't Use This Elementor Widget! It's Bad For SEO (Do This Instead)

As you may have known by reading the title I will show you which widget from Elementor I don’t recommend you to use. This kind of strange for me to say this because I’m a huge fan of Elementor and I love all the things that they offer.

But there is 1 widget that I never use because it will have a negavtive impact on SEO for your website.

Fortunately there is a very simple solution that Elementor has to offer that is SEO friendly and in this video I will explain exactly how to do this!

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Elementor Spacer widget  bad for SEO

To come through right away the widget that I’m talking about is the spacer.

Elementor Spacer widget bad for SEO

You can use the spacer to add extra space on the website between certain elements or certain widgets.

This was also mentioned on the website of Elementor. The only reason that the spacer is still available in the widget is because a lot of customers still use it.

Use margin and padding instead of Spacer widget

But if you want to quickly add some space to a section, column or widget it’s better to use the margin and padding options. This is more SEO friendly. Therefore I would recommend you to do it this way and basically the the margin and the padding is very easy to use.

To add margin or padding you need to select a section, column or widget and go to the advanced tab. Over there you see the margin and padding settings.

Elementor Use Margin & Padding

Elementor is a great tool to design pages, posts, archive pages, search results pages, error 404 pages, headers & footers, pop ups and more! All the widgets are great but the Spacer widget is the only one i won’t recommend you to use.

In the video tutorial I will explain everything in more detail. You can watch it on YouTube over here.

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