Create SiteGround DNS Records with DNS Zone Editor

Create DNS Records with DNS Zone Editor in SiteGround (Tutorial for beginners)

Learn how to create SiteGround DNS records with the DNS Zone Editor WordPress websites.

In this tutorial I’ll show you quickly how you can use the DNS zone editor within your Site Tools panel from your SiteGround account.

Table of Contents

Log in to Site Tools Panel

So first you need to log into the Site Tools panel for the website that you want to create the DNS record for.

Go to SiteGround DNS Zone editor

You can use DNS records to add or create new records.

To do this you need to go over to the DNS zone editor over here by clicking on it.

Select DNS Zone Editor in SIteGround

Create DNS record in SiteGround

Then you will see this screen and now you can select which type of record you want to create. So, for example you can select Cname and the only thing you have to do now is you can enter a name for the record.

You can also set the TTL if necessary and by default it’s set to 24 hours. You can also fill in the field where the record should resolve to. Resolve basically means where the record should point to.

After you have entered the details then you have to click on the orange create button and that’s the only thing you have to do to create a record.

Create DNS Record in SiteGround

I hope this is helpful if you haven’t got any experience with creating new records in the DNS zone editor.

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I’ll see you again in the next tutorial!

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