How to Create Google Account in 2 Minutes (Access +112 Apps)

How To Create Google Account in 2 Minutes (tutorial for beginners) - websitelearninglab tutorial for beginners

Learn how to create an Google account in just 2 minutes and get acces to 112 free apps!

This tutorial explains exactly what a Google account is and which services are included. It also explains step by step how you can create a Google account for free in a few simple steps.

You probably use a number of them on a daily basis such as Youtube, the Google Search engine or your Gmail account. Google has about 112 apps available which you can use so there’s enough for you to discover!

Table of Contents

Google Account – What is it and what it’s used for

You need a Google account to use various apps and services from Google.  For example you can think of apps like Youtube, Google Drive, Gmail or Google Docs.

It’s also useful to have a Google account so that you can use different services for your website such as Google Ads, Google Analytics and Google Search Console. A Google account also ensures that you can easily navigate to all apps from one central point.

1) Google Account Dashboard Overview


Create Google Account – Manual

You can create a new Google Account in just a few minutes by following the 4 simple steps that now will be explained further.


Step 1 – Go to sign up page

To create a Google account you can go to the sign up page by clicking this link. Or just go to your Google browser and search for Create Google Account and then choose the first option that’s listed in the search results.


Step 2 – Enter details

There are two different ways to create a Google account.

The first way is to create a new account that also comes with a new Gmail address.

Another way to create a Google account is by using your current Email address. This can also be a Hotmail account for example. If you prefer this option then you can click on Use my current email address.

2) Create new Google Account options tutorial

For this tutorial, I choose the option to create a new account.

To continue you can fill in the fields with your first name and last name. Then enter the name for your Email address, this must be available and if not it will be indicated in a notification. 

After you have provided an Email address that’s available, you can enter a password for the Google account. Now click on the blue Next button to proceed.

3) Create New Google Account tutorial

Optionally you can enter a telephone number and a recovery Email address.

In this example I don’t do that because this account is only made for this tutorial to show you how to set this up, but it is recommended to do so. For example, if you have forgotten your password for your Google account, you can regain access to the account via the recovery e-mail address.

To verify the Google account, a telephone number must sometimes be entered depending if you already have a Gmail account or not.
If that’s the case you will immediately receive a text message with a verification code.

In this case that is not necessary and we can proceed to the next fields. Here you can enter your date of birth and select the gender.

Then click on Next again to continue.

4) How to create google account tutorial


Step 3 – Personalization settings

On the next screen you can choose how you want to set up the Personalization settings. I select the first option Fast personalization (one step). After that I click on the blue button. 

5) Select Personalization Settings Google Account

On the next page you can find information about data and cookies. Scroll down and click on To Confirm to proceed.

6) Google account to confirm


Step 4 – Agree to terms

Now you will see some information about Google’s terms of service. Scroll down and click on I agree

7) Google account agree term

The Google account has now been successfully created and you have direct access to the dashboard!

Google Account Dashboard

A menu is available on the left side of the home screen where you can adjust general settings for the account.

If you are logged out and you can log back into the Google account ( or log in via Google search on Google account and click on the top link.

By clicking on the logo at the top right you can see with which account you are logged in and you have the option to log out.

Next to it is an icon with nine dots and clicking on it displays an overview of available Google services as you can see on the image below:

8) Google Account Dashboard apps overview startscreen

To access the knowledge base with more information you can click on the icon with the question mark.
You can also find guides and information by searching for a topic via this link:

Google Apps and Services

As indicated in the introduction, there are about 112 apps available in total so there is a very wide range of options.

Helpful apps for your website

Here’s a list of apps that I regularly use for my websites:

  • Adsense
  • Google Ads
  • Search Console
  • Tag Manager

Not all of these apps are displayed when clicking the icon with the nine dots.

To view all of the apps mentioned above you can click on the button at the bottom of the overview with the apps. 

9) Google Account more from google button

Now a new window will open. If you scroll all the way down there is the All Products section. 

All available apps are clearly displayed in 3 categories:

  • Everyone
  • Companies
  • Developers


Below I will explain more in depth what kind of apps you can find in these 3 categories.

Google account services for everyone

A total of 70 different apps are available in the For Everyone category.  In this category many apps are available that you probably already know and use often.

On the image below you can see a few apps available in this category because you need to scroll to view them all.

10) Google products category for everyone


Google account services for companies

In the category For Companies you can find various apps that are useful for your website. You will see that the Adsense, Google Ads, Search Console and Tag manager apps are available here.

11) Google products category for companies


Google account services and apps for developers

The last category is for the services and apps for developers.

12) Google products category for developers


How to delete Google account

If you want to delete the Google account for any reason, you can do so by going back to the dashboard and go to Data and personalization section.

13) How to Delete Google Account

Then scroll down and click on Delete a service or your account.

14) How to Delete Google Account or service

Now you will see a number of options such as Delete a Google service. This allows you to delete a specific account, for example a YouTube or Gmail account.

You can also delete the entire Google account with the option Delete your Google account.

15) Delete your Google Account

Get started with your Google Account today!

So that was it for this tutorial, I hope it helped you out and inspired you to get started with your own Google Account. 

In the next tutorial I will explain how to set up a Google Ads account without an active campaign

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