Canva Glowing Border Image – Glow Effect Tutorial

Canva Glowing Border Image - Glow Effect Tutorial

Do you want to create a glowing border to an image in Canva? In this tutorial I’ll show you exactly how to do that.

A glowing border will make you image stand out for designs that you can create in Canva. Glowing borders are commonly used for YouTube thumbnails, wallpapers, banners etc.

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Example of a glowing border in Canva

As you can see, I have an example on this canvas. You can see this image has a yellow glowing border and this is the original image. And in this tutorial, I want to show you how you can add a border like this, and you can change it to any color you want.

Canva Glowing border Glow effect example

Add image to Canva

The first thing you need to do is go to Canva and add an image. You can select images from the menu at the Photos option. Or you can upload an image if you want to.

Recently also made a tutorial that shows you how you can remove backgrounds from images in Canva. If you want to know what to do that make sure to check out the tutorial.

Now let’s continue with the glowing border.

Select image Glow settings

To add a glowing border in Canva you need to click on the image to select it. Now you see the Edit image option and click on it.

Edit image in Canva

Scroll down to the Glow option over at Shadows and click on it.

Now you can see a gray border has been added to the image.

Select Glow effect

Change color and settings of the glowing border in Canva

To change this, you need to click on the icon over here in the closed section.
Over here you can set the color for the border, and you can choose any color that you want.

You can also add colors manually by using a color code if you click on the plus icon.
For now, I’ll select yellow. Over here you can play around with the settings, and I’ll make this 15, 100 and 6.

edit styling Canva glowing border glow effect

Don’t forget to click on apply to save the settings!

That’s it for this Canva glowing border tutorial.

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Thanks, and I’ll see you back again in the next tutorial.