SiteGround Block IP Address for WordPress website

Block IP Addresses for WordPress website in SiteGround (Tutorial for beginners)

In this SiteGround block IP tutorial I will show you how you can block any IP address for your website in SiteGround.

In this SiteGround tutorial for beginners I will explain exactly how to do this.

Table of Contents

Blocked Traffic Settings in SiteGround

Goo to the Site Tools panel for the website that you want to block an IP address for. Then you need to click on the Security options in the menu.

Now you can select the Blocked Traffic and you need to click on it.

SiteGround Block IP for WordPress website settings

How to block IP or IP range in SiteGround

Over there you can manage which IP addresses you want to block for your website.

It’s self-explanatory and in the IP/IP Range field you can enter the IP address or IP range you want to block.

Block IP or IP Range in SiteGround for WordPress website

You can click on the trash icon if you want to undo the settings for a IP address or IP range.

So nothing difficult or technical about it!

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