4 Simple Strategies to Make a Perfect Keyword List

4 Strategies to build a perfect keyword list

You’ll need a good keyword list If you want your website to rank high in the search engines. It’s important to focus on keywords with high search volume and keywords with a medium-low competition score.

This way you can increase chances to rank higher and therefore drive more traffic to your website.

To decide which keywords have the most potential you first have to make a keyword list. Once that’s done you can analyze the keyword list with a keyword tool.

You can also use premium keyword tool like SEMrush to and this will give you many more useful insights.

In the next tutorials I will go more in depth on how to analyze keywords with keyword tools.
Now I will show you 4 simple strategies to make a perfect keyword list.

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Brainstorm for 5 minutes

Give yourself 5 minutes to make a list of keywords you think are most relevant for your website.

Think of any keywords that potential visitors of your website will enter in the search engines and that your want your website to rank for.

Place every word below the next one in any text editor like Word or Excel for example.

Just to be clear I want to mention that the definition of a keyword in this case is any word or sentence that can be entered in the Google search bar.


Google Search bar A-Z

Another way to find keywords is by using the Google Search bar. You can enter a relevant keyword and hit the space bar and then fill in the letter A.

Now you will see different suggestions that are relevant to the given keyword in combination by words with the letter A.

Qucikly scan the keywords and add relevant keywords to your keyword list.

Repeat the same steps for every other letter in the alphabet.


Google suggestions

In most cases google will also give an overview with suggestions after you have entered something in the search bar.

Scan the list and add relevant keywors to your list.

Yoast keyword suggest

The last strategy to find keywords for your list is to use the Yoast Keyword suggest tool and it’s free to use on their website.

In a previous tutorial I have explained how to install the Yoast plugin and I will make another tutorial soon to go in depth on how to use Yoast plugin to improve your Pages and Posts for SEO.

Go to https://yoast.com/suggest/ and all you have to do is enter a relevant keyword in the first field and optionally select a language.

Once that’s done you can click on the button Get Keyword expansions.

Scan the list and copy and paste relevant keywords to your keyword list.

If you want to export the results you can enable the box Output a CSV to download the keyword overview, this way you can copy and paste relevant keywords even faster.

After you are finished with these 4 steps you will have a nice list with all kind of relevant keywords for your website.


Analyze keyword list with a keyword tool

After you are done with the 4 steps you will have nice list with keywords.

Now you can analyze the keyword list with a keyword tool to determine which keywords are the best to optimize your website for.

You can watch the video tutorial on YouTube over here.

There are several keyword tools available and in the next tutorial I will show you how to use the free Google Keyword Planner to analyze keywords.

If you don’t have an Google Ads account, you can learn how to set it up in this tutorial.

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In another tutorial I will also show you how to use SEMrush which Is a premium keyword tool that has way more options and features compared to the free Google Keyword planner.

Another way to create a keyword list (and content) for your website is by using the AI chatbot ChatGPT.